What We Do

Forward Looking Industries

Infocom is present in industries which address low carbon solutions to food and energy security.  Through our relationships with Sterner AS (a leading Recirculating Aquaculture Systems supplier) and Seabased AB (a global leader in wave power) we work with partners to implement projects in Asia.

Infocom reduces investment risk by providing regional experience and professional resources relevant to all stages of an investment.

Key Areas of Contribution from Infocom

Project sourcing

Infocom can identify opportunities in specific industries or territories and can provide references and due diligence on project partners.

Feasibility study

Infocom can provide an initial project review with agreed parameters, involving and managing local consultants where appropriate, to support a presentation to a board or investment committee.

Project Planning and Development

Infocom provides experienced senior consulting input to guide a project through its development phase and report on progress to investors.  This provides a more efficient project structure by removing the learning curve to doing business in the region and avoiding the need to relocate staff which is both costly and can lead to logistical and organisational challenges at both the investing business and the investment.


Infocom can provide ongoing resources to a running project post-launch ensuring financial and reporting standards are met, providing representation at financial or regulatory meetings and providing a human resources function ensuring that adequate standards of cost and performance are applied and obtained throughout the organisation.  Infocom is also able to provide an ongoing business audit ensuring that standards are applied and that operational management and performance targets are being met and correctly measured.

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