Our Partners

Meet our team

Gisle Wold Larsen

For the last 35 years, Gisle has worked with international business development, mainly within the IT and telecommunications industries. He has held senior management positions including managing director in iPhone Telecom, CEO Ionosphere Asia & Middle East, Director of International Markets in Telenor and Sales Director IBM Nordic.

John Andrew Crawford

For the last 30 years, John has worked with international business development with a focus on financial and legal consulting and on corporate finance. He has held a number of senior positions including CFO of iOnosphere Asia & Middle East, Director of Corporate Finance Telenor Global Services, and previously with Deloitte Corporate Finance and with Arthur Andersen.

Henry Gleditsch Kleive

For the last 30 years, Henry has worked with international business development, mainly within the IT industry. He has held management positions including International Marketing Director in Lotus Development (United Kingdom), Global Client Executive in IBM, Partner in The Performance Group and Partner Director for Cognizant in the Nordics. He is also co-author of “Sustainable leadership and business development”, to be published Q1/2020.

Our Industry Partners


Infocom works closely with Sterner AS to bring the benefits of their unique water purification and Recirculating Aquaculture Systems technologies to partners in Asia.

  Networks and Industry Apps

Infocom works closely with WiFi4all to deliver the benefits of next generation wireless networks and customer facing apps to maximise revenues.

Renewable Energy

Infocom represents Seabased AB in Sri Lanka and the Canary Islands.  Seabased has world leading wave energy solutions delivering clean and reliable energy.

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