Case Studies

iPhone / WiFi4all

Infocom provides ongoing legal, financial and management support to iPhone AS on its establishment of regional WiFi networks in the Canary Islands. In addition, through Infocom’s switching assets and connections at Telehouse in Canary Wharf, London, Infocom provides voice termination services for iPhone’s communication products.

Sri Lanka Infrastructure

Sri Lanka is currently attracting significant international investment. Infocom Connect has a long history in Sri Lanka where we are able to assist European and Sri Lankan investors in managing, developing and financing projects within the construction, communication, transport, food production and energy sectors. Infocom’s understanding and experience of the local market gives a real advantage in dealing with the various governmental agencies across the country, including the Board of Investment.

Ghana Telecom

Over a period of three years Infocom provided extensive legal, financial and operational support to Ghana Telecom, addressing issues of international collection and fraud within international routing. This resulted in collections of over $3 million of receivables previously provided against as bad debt and to a doubling of monthly revenues from international telephony.

Sterner AS

Using technology supplied by Sterner AS, Infocom is working with Omega Aqua (India) Pvt. Ltd. to build a new leader in onshore fish farming in India. Commencing in 2019 with two projects, each producing 2,000 tonnes per year of Himalayan Rainbow Trout and Barramundi respectively.

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